Hi there,

Welcome to Ocean-82 – a special place for all seafood lovers!

This is Jeff D Fortier, co-founder of Ocean-82!

If you are like us who share a huge love for the ocean, perhaps Ocean-82 can be a great inspiration to all of you.

Our story,

We are a group of individuals who have a strong interest in the ocean, especially seafood.

Having been to many different places, we realize that we want to share our love of seafood with those who have not been there yet. And also, we want to connect with those who have the same interest.

That belief has encouraged us to build this page – Ocean-82 where you will find lots of interesting things about seafood.

Our commitment

We gather together as a group of people who want to reinforce and expand the interest of seafood and the relevant. We are inspired by many travelers and foodies all around the world and now we want to give back by inspiring to other people.

From basic things you should know about seafood to how to cook and have it in the freshest way, we hope you can find something useful from Ocean-82.

What you will find from Ocean-82?

  • Huge love for the ocean and seafood at Ocean-82. We have a huge passion for seafood and we want to show it to everybody.
  • A strong inspiration about how to cook seafood with local and seasonal ingredients. Everything combines with each other perfectly to create a mesmerizing taste you will never forget.
  • A couple of recommendation to make seafood taste far much better and fresher

Since you have already been here, why not take a look at the blog posts and sink yourself in a spectacular world of fresh seafood and good wine? Ocean-82 has been built out of passion and experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

Every type of seafood is different which requires a separate way of cooking and enjoying. Ocean-82 will show you how to make the most out of it.

Let us be a part of your journey!